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ICC Note:

The Federal Minister for Human Rights, Senator Kamran Michael, in Pakistan has taken notice of a Christian ice cream man that was attacked, beaten, and called “untouchable” by Muslims last month. The story of the Christian ice cream man has shown how Christians are often treated as second class citizens in Pakistan by the Muslim majority. Now, federal government officials are involved in the case and are directing local police to properly investigate the crime and to punish those responsible for the attack. 

6/17/2016 Pakistan (Christians in Pakistan) – Federal Minister for Human Rights, Senator Kamran Michael has taken notice of the incident of a Christian ice-cream vendor beaten for selling ice-cream to Muslims. PML-N’s Kamran Michael, who hails from the Pakistani Christian community, says that every citizen of Pakistan, regardless of religion, has equal rights.

“Pakistan’s Constitution guarantees equal rights for each and every citizen of Pakistan. State will not allow anyone to take vengeance on others based on religious, racial, ethnic grounds,” Senator Kamran Michael declared, who has recently taken charge as the Federal Minister of Human Rights.

While taking notice of news of the heinous incident, he has directed the DPO of Kasur to compile and present an exclusive report over the incident in two days. Kamran Michael further directed DOP Kasur to take action against those found guilty or involved in the heinous torture of the Christian ice-cream vendor in Kot Imam Din village. Consequently, an FIR has been registered and police is set to make investigations into the incident.

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