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ICC Note: The deadly attack in Orlando that took place on Sunday, June 12, has re-sparked memories of the horrific attack by terrorist group Al-Shabaab on Garissa University in Kenya that resulted in the death of 147 people. Although it has been a year since this attack, which took place on April 2, 2015, the people of Kenya are still grieving and many have not yet recovered from the horrible attack in Garissa. People have begun talking about it again recently, perhaps because the terrorist attack in Orlando reminds them that these attacks are taking place all over the world, and some get less attention than others. The people of Kenya who were affected by the Al-Shabaab attack understand the pain that those affected by the Orlando attack are experiencing now. Many survivors of the Garissa attack have still not recovered and are haunted by the gruesome attack on their university. Al-Shabaab, an Islamic militant group, is known for targeting Christians and they continue to operate in Kenya.

06/16/2016, Garissa, Kenya (Memphisrap) – People are talking about a massive attack and massacre that happened at the Garissa University in Kenya were more than 147 people were killed.

After more than a year (April 2, 2015), the story about Garissa University has resurfaced following the Orlando, Florida shooting at the Pulse Nightclub where nearly 50 people were killed over the weekend in an attack allegedly targeting gays and others in the LGBT community.

Why are people talking about Garissa University attack that happened in Kenya? Possibly due to how terrifying it was, the Islamic association and to show attacks occurring in other places around the world as well as to make others aware of other terrorist attacks that they possibly weren’t aware of such as this tragic event.

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