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ICC Note: A Yazidi boy who escaped an Islamic State camp shares the gruelling details of life for minorities under ISIS control. While men are killed, young boys are beaten and trained to be jihadist soldiers, and women and girls are sold as sex slaves. 15-year-old Ahmed Amin Koro escaped the training camp and fled to northern Iraq where he has revealed much about the day-to-day under the militants. Yazidis and Christians are both being held hostage in such circumstances as thousands have been in captivity for over two years now.

06/13/2016 Iraq (Christian Post):The thousands of women and girls being used by the Islamic State terror group as sex slaves attempt to make themselves look less beautiful by covering their faces in dirt, an escaped Yazidi boy has said, but they still get beaten and raped by the terrorists.

“The girls were covering their faces with dirt, trying to make themselves less beautiful. But if they were caught doing that they were beaten. They were all beaten and taken away. ISIS beat us too,” 15-year-old Ahmed Amin Koro told Fox News after escaping an IS training camp and fleeing to northern Iraq.

He said both male and female prisoners are treated terribly inside IS camps. Children are woken before sunrise each morning and forced to recite Islamic prayers; they are fed only with scraps, and washed with contaminated water.

While young boys are being trained to fight for the jihadists to help them maintain control of territory they have captured throughout Iraq and Syria, girls and women are often sold as brides to IS fighters.

Koro said he also witnessed one mother desperately begging the terrorists to spare her young daughter, but to no avail.

“The mom cried that her little girl was too young and she didn’t know anything about marriage or sex, but they didn’t care and took her anyway,” the Yazidi boy said.

Koro recalled his ordeal of being moved around IS training camps ever since the terror group started taking cities in Iraq in 2014. He revealed that the camps involved day and night training in the use of guns, hand-to-hand combat, and fighting in close quarters. Boys are also forced to memorize verses in the Quran, while the IS instructors hand out severe punishments, including carrying out numerous murders.

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