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ICC Note: Six Muslim youths attacked and almost killed Francis Emmanuel, a 41-year-old Christian man, for not observing Ramadan. After learning that Emmanuel was not a Muslim, the youths began to repeatedly stab him with knives and machetes until he lost consciousness. Nearby good Samaritans rushed Emmanuel to St. Gerald Catholic Hospital where he is now recovering. Nigerian authorities have denounced this and other similar attacks, stating that religion should not be forced upon people. This attack occurred less than a week after the murder of the 74-year-old pastor’s wife and reflects the growing tension between the Muslim and Christian communities in Nigeria.

6/9/2016 Nigeria (AllAfrica) – Barely a week after 70-year-old Bridget Agbahime was murdered by a mob in Kano for alleged blasphemy, another incident has manifested in Kaduna where a carpenter, Mr. Francis Emmanuel, was attacked in Kakuri area of the metropolis by some Muslim youths allegedly for failing to observe the current Ramadan fast.

The incident, which almost claimed the life of Emmanuel, reportedly happened around 2.30pm last Tuesday on Sokoto Road, prompting neighbours and good samaritans to rush him to the St. Gerald Catholic Hospital, Kakuri for medical treatment.

Emmanuel, who almost lost his sight, was severely injured and had deep machete cuts on various parts of his body.

The 41-year-old man, who spoke with journalists on his sick bed writhing in pains from the attack, said he was taking his lunch when the boys numbering about six descended on him querying why he was not fasting?

“I went to buy wood to do some work, when I came back, I bought food to eat. As I was eating, about six Hausa boys came and asked me whether I was a Muslim or a Christian. I did not answer them. They asked me why was I not fasting with them? I told them that I am not a Muslim.

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