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ICC Note: Nigerian youths protested the proposed amendment to the Nigerian constitution. The amendment would, in effect, extend the application of Sharia Law in Nigeria. Both Muslim and Christian youths hotly contested the amendment, stating that Nigeria has no business implementing Islamic doctrine into the constitution of a multi-religious country. Sharia Law is known both for its rigid implementation of Islamic law and its brutal and dehumanizing punishments. Historically, Christians that live in areas dominated by Sharia Law have become increasingly persecuted.

6/8/2016 Nigeria (AllAfrica) – Nigerian youths, both Christians and Muslims, Tuesday, stormed the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) over the ongoing amendment at the National Assembly (NASS) of the Sharia Laws, insisting that alteration of section 262 and 277 of the 1999 Constitution as amended is Islamization.

The bill sponsored by Hon. Abdullahi Balarabe Salame of Sokoto state seeking the increase in jurisdiction of the Sharia Court of Appeal of the FCT and Sharia Court of the states as it borders on the criminal justice system of the nation on the premises of the ‘Hudud and Qisas which are doctrines drawn from the books of the Holy Qur’an had passed the second reading by 19 May, 2016 on the floor of the house and now referred to the appropriate committee for consideration.

Reacting to this, the protesters in their hundred, under the aegis of the Coalition of Civil Society and Faith Based Organization (CCSFBO), staged peaceful protest from the Unity Fountain to NASS Complex, carrying placard with various inscriptions; “Christians and Muslims are one”, “Do not alter section 262 and 277”, “Don’t abuse our freedom”, “We love Nigeria, we love our unity”, etc.

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