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ICC Note: A recently escaped Iraqi Christian woman said that ISIS militants married and divorced her nine times a night to justify raping her repeatedly. She was captured in Mosul in 2014 after her husband disappeared. This is not an isolated case as thousands of Christian and Yazidi women still remain in captivity under similar circumstances. In this case, the Christian woman escaped when an ISIS fighter from her village took mercy on her and let her go.

06/07/2016 Iraq (Christian Daily): An Iraqi Christian woman who escaped captivity from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) said the militants “married and divorced” her nine times a night to justify the act of raping her.

In an interview with nonprofit group of In Defense of Christians (IDC), the Iraqi Christian woman, whose name has been withheld for security purposes, said the ISIS militants conducted fake marriage ceremonies. The terrorists believe that the ceremonies would give them the permission to rape her, the woman said in the interview reviewed by Fox News.

“They had me whenever they would desire it,” the woman told IDC in the interview. “Especially this one, Farouk, who was obsessed with me and he would say, ‘I like the people of Jesus,'” she said.

The woman’s husband had reportedly vanished after ISIS took over Mosul in 2014. She left her two older children with her neighbors and took her new baby with her as she searched for him. Unfortunately, ISIS fighters found her and saw the crucifix tattoo on her arm. She was brought to a slavery camp where she was attacked repeatedly.

IDC said the woman found an opportunity to escape when one ISIS fighter, who was from her place, recognized her. The militant reportedly allowed her to leave the slavery camp.

The woman, who sobbed and shook during the interview, said she is not the only one who experienced these things. She said she wants to tell the world to know what happened to her in the hopes that her story will prompt the world to do something to protect Christians, Yazidis, and others, IDC president Toufic Baaklini relayed.

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