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ICC Note: Fulani militants attacked a Christian village in Kaduna state on Tuesday May 31, killing three Christian women and gravely injuring a man. The Fulani herdsmen attacked the village at night, killed the three victims in their houses as the slept, and burned the local pastor’s house along with some others. A few days before this attack, on May 25, a Christian man named Ango was attacked by Fulani men with machetes and left for dead with serious wounds. He was found barely alive and rushed to the hospital where he is now recovering. These attacks are a continuation of the increasing violence that Christian communities in Nigeria are suffering at the hands of the Muslim Fulani herdsmen.

06/03/2016, Jos, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed three Christians in their home in the early hours of Tuesday (May 31) in Kaduna state, days after herdsmen attacked another area Christian with machetes, area sources said.

The armed herdsmen attacked Ninte village, Jema’a Local Government Area in the north-central state of Kaduna, at about 2 a.m. and burned a pastor’s house and those of others, a survivor told Morning Star News.

Zakka Kagoma, 40, and two other Christians yet to be identified were killed in their house where they were sleeping, said Naomi Sali of neighboring Andaha, one of hundreds of Christians from 14 villages who fled the area. A Jema’a LGA official confirmed the attack but said two persons were killed.

Sali, 45, and other residents escaped into the bushes, where she passed the rest of the night before finding her way to Jos, Plateau state to take refuge.

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