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ICC NOTE: Huoshi Fellowship in Gansu, China, not to be confused with Huoshi Church in Guizhou, was terrorized by local authorities forcing each member to register their identification cards. Roughing up churches is common place in China along with threatening to shut them down. The surge in threatening churches with closure has raised the media’s attention for what has been seen as the biggest crackdown on the Christian community since the Cultural Revolution. Word from the highest office in the Chinese government assures the actions against Christian communities are in unison with the Communist Party, making the future of the church on a slippery slope. 

6/3/2016 Qinyang, China (China Aid) – Public security officials from China’s northwestern Gansu province forced an entire church congregation to register their identification cards and used threats to keep them from holding services last Sunday.

Officials raided Huoshi Fellowship, not to be confused with the recently persecuted Huoshi Church in Guizhou province, on Sunday, filed all of the information on the church members’ identification cards and warned them not to continue meeting.

China Aid will continue to report on this story once more information becomes available.

China Aid exposes abuses, such as those experienced by Huoshi Fellowship, in order to promote religious freedom and rule of law in China.

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