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ICC Note: On Tuesday, May 10th, The National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) in Khartoum, Sudan released Telahoon Nogosi Kassa Rata, a Christian minister they had been holding since his unexplained arrest in December of 2015. However, another Christian reverend, Hassan Aburaheem Kodi Taour of the Sudan Church of Christ (SCC), remains unlawfully detained awaiting charges. Since the secession of South Sudan from the north, the persecution of Christians has escalated, especially in Khartoum. Sudan is notorious for unlawfully arresting pastors upon claims of spying and undermining national security, due to their relationships with people from South Sudan and the West. In general, along with the persecution of church members, crack-down on the importation of Christian literature and scriptures has intensified in Sudan for the past five years.

05/25/16, Khartoum, Sudan (WorldWatch Monitor) – After imposing nearly half a year in detention, Sudan has now released one Christian minister, while still keeping a second without legal access, pending possible charges of “undermining national security”.

On Tuesday, 10 May, the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) released 36-year-old Telahoon (Telal) Nogosi Kassa Rata from Khartoum’s Kober prison, sources in Sudan said.

NISS agents contacted Rata’s father, telling him to collect his son, who local sources confirmed was in “good health”.

Since his as-yet unexplained arrest on 13 December, 2015, the leader of Khartoum North (Bahri) Evangelical Church was allowed no access to his lawyer. His parents were allowed to visit only twice, on 17 December and 26 March.

“Since the secession of South Sudan, Khartoum has intensified the harassment of Christians.”

The Christian worker’s parents tried to visit him on many other occasions, but each time they were prevented from doing so.

Rata’s file is still with the Attorney General. It is unknown if he will face charges.

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