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ICC Note:

In November 2014, a Christian couple from Kot Radha Kishan was murdered by a mob of enraged Muslims following a blasphemy accusation being leveled against the couple. The horrifying double murder shocked Pakistan as a nation as well as the international media. Now, as the case is being adjudicated, a petition has been filed to give protection to eye witnesses and the Christian survivors of the attack. According to reports, these parties are facing intimidation and threats for giving their testimony in court. 

5/23/2016 Pakistan (Christians in Pakistan) – A petition has been filed in the court, seeking protection for the eye witnesses in the case of the Christian couple’ lynching in Kot Radha Kishan. The Anti-Terrorism Court II Lahore was moved, on May 21, Saturday, insisting for security provided to the legal heirs of the deceased Shahzad and Shama and the key witnesses in this case.

The legal heirs of the victimized Christian couple, Shahzad and Shama and the eye witnesses in this case are facing threats from the victimizers. It was further explained in the petition that the family members of the deceased couple were intimidated by unknown men riding motorcycles, while entering the court premises.

It was maintained that at this occasion, Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill was also accompanying them when the unknown men threatened them not to enter the court and leave immediately. Sardar Mushtaq Gill, head of LEAD is providing legal aid to the victims’ family.

It was further maintained in the petition that the key eye witnesses have previously been physically abused during the cross-examination which was witnessed by the honorable court. The eye-witnesses were subjected to deliberate physical abuse in an attempt to harass them so that they do not utter the truth before the court. The petition implored the court to settle the case as soon as possible.

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