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ICC NOTE: In the age where every piece of information seems to be available at ones fingertips, the important things can be lost in the fray. While this is not the case for everyone, millennials have garnered a bad reputation of becoming consumed by technology and the material culture of the 21st century. Yet Chinese millennials like Sarah Liu has a different outlook on life. Persecuted at a young age for finding Christ in Beijing, she understand the risk followers of the way take to know our Lord and to tell others of His life and teachings. She explains how China is not facing a hunger for food,money, or technology, but truth.  

5/20/2016 China/United States (CBN) – American high school graduates aren’t the only ones who sometimes take a “gap year” before entering college.

Inspired by stories of Chinese Christians persecuted for their faith, some Chinese Millennials are putting college on hold to seek God in the United States.

Sarah Liu is one of many Christians in China who almost lost her life because of her faith in Christ. Sarah’s faith journey has motivated some young Chinese Christians to grow deeper in their faith.

She shared her testimony at a recent Voice of the Martyrs conference.  She told how she was arrested for helping publish an underground Christian newspaper.  She was imprisoned and tortured both physically and mentally. With her feet chained, Sarah was beaten severely and forced to walk in her own blood across a prison cell.

Even though Sarah was locked up for 6 years, today, she doesn’t hate the Chinese government. Instead, she prays for them until they find Jesus Christ. “Hatred doesn’t solve anything,” Sarah said. “Because I love Jesus, He teaches me not to hate my enemies, but pray for them. I know one day God will turn their hearts around. Prayers will be answered,” she said.

Sarah also encouraged conference attendees to visit China to teach people about Jesus. “There is a famine in China, not of food, not of money, but of the truth,” Sarah told the group. “I encourage everyone to pack up Bibles and bring them to the hungry people,” she said.

Carina Shi was born into a Chinese military family.  She was 14-years old she was introduced to Jesus in Beijing.  It was the first time she met God’s people and read the Bible. She was excited to find out what Bible is all about.
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