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ICC NOTE: Chinese authorities released a Christian wife of a detained lawyer after the family had been criminally detained in April for “gathering a crowd to disturb social order”. Similar to charging pastors and church members with divulging state secrets, any individual they consider to be raising awareness and or opposition to cross demolitions they detain on inciting unrest. The husband and son of the Christian woman remains detained as their family had been providing legal council for churches who have faced cross demolition. China continues to crackdown on churches, cross demolitions, and detention of church leaders, in their attempts to thwart the rise of Christianity. 

5/18/2016 Zhejiang, China (China Aid) – A detained Christian was released on Friday in China’s coastal Zhejiang region; however, her husband, a pastor, and the couple’s oldest son are still in detention.

Xiang Lihua was criminally detained on April 25 for “gathering a crowd to disturb social order,” along with her husband, Wang Xiaowu. The couple has been providing legal counsel for churches affected by thecross demolition campaign in Zhejiang.

The couple’s oldest son was detained for “obstructing public service” when he attempted to prevent his parents’ apprehension.

China Aid reports on cases, such as the Wang family’s, in order to expose the abuses perpetrated by the Chinese government. China Aid will continue to monitor this case and report new information as it becomes available.

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