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ICC Note: The Obama administration made a forward step in March calling ISIS’ targeting of Christians in the Middle East a genocide, but the conversation cannot end there. The use of the word ‘genocide’ implies immediate action, however this has yet to be seen from the White House. At an event hosted by The Heritage Foundation on capitol hill, many speakers including Iraqi priest Fr. Douglas Bazi insisted that the U.S. government take action.

05/12/2016 United States (Town Hall): The Baghdad bombings on Wednesday, for which ISIS has claimed responsibility, has so far claimed the lives of 93 people and wounded almost 200 more. It is just another reminder of the carnage the terror cell is inflicting on religious minorities.

In March, the Obama administration finally declared that ISIS’ targeting of Christians in the Middle East was genocide, a significant step because the term requires some form of action. At a Heritage Foundation event in the nation’s capital on Wednesday afternoon, a panel of religious freedom fighters suggested the steps the White House should take now that this crisis has been accurately labeled.

Townhall caught up with two of the leaders on the first panel to get their reactions to the White House’s action – or inaction – in the fight against ISIS. Knights of Columbus is a Christian organization that sent the White House a 300-page report earlier this year detailing the atrocities ISIS has committed against religious minorities and waited for an answer. Andrew Walther, the vice president of communications for the KOC, took a few moments to share his initial reaction to the White House’s response.

Townhall then had the opportunity to speak with Fr. Douglas Bazi, a Chaldean priest who was taken hostage by terrorists in 2006. He was beaten and tortured for days – and still has the bloodied shirt to prove it. He is currently visiting the United States to generate more awareness about what is happening to his people in Iraq.

One attendee wondered what Bazi is hoping Americans take away from his visit.

“Take action and be our voice,” he urged.

Calling Christian slaughter genocide is the “first right step,” he said. He was “comfortable” with the administration’s response, but insisted that’s not where the conversation should end.

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