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ICC Note: After the kidnapping of 13-year-old, Anthonius Farag, the truth of Christian abduction in Egypt is receiving some overdo attention. Reports from Coptic advocacy groups show that more than 72 similar cases of kidnapping and extortion have occurs in the past few years. Christian children and elderly are targeted in these cases. All this points to an increasing concern of anti-Christen violence in Egypt.

05/09/2016 Egypt (BosNewsLife): Representatives of Egypt’s embattled Coptic Christians say the recent kidnapping of a Christian teenager underscores mounting concern about increased anti-Christian violence in the Muslim nation.

Anthonius Farag, 13, was reportedly kidnapped April 5 in Upper Egypt province. After a ransom was paid, the young teen was released 12 days later. Christians said the boy was snatched outside his school early that morning in the village of Mansheyyit Manbal, some 230 kilometers (143 miles) south of Cairo.

The perpetrators reportedly released a Muslim child after identifying the student’s religion by his name, but sped away in a vehicle forcefully retaining the Christian teen.

Yet advocacy group Coalition of Coptic Egypt (CCE) said this was not an isolated incident. In the Upper Egyptian province of Qena alone at least 72 cases of kidnapping, extortion and related violence against Copts was reported during the period of 2011 to 2014.


Victims targeted in the kidnappings ranged from children to the elderly, activists said.

Targeted violence against Copts, the word used for most Egyptian Christians, also occurred elsewhere in the country.

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