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ICC Note: A new report says one in twelve Eritreans has fled the country and several of them are Christians escaping religious persecution. Believers in Jesus face some of the most difficult suffering, including arbitrary imprisonment, extrajudicial killings, beatings, pressure to recant their faith, and torture. Countless Christian Eritreans report being hung up in the desert heat with their hands tied to their feet, or being locked up into metal shipping containers to face extreme temperature fluctuations.

By Aaron James

5/4/16 Eritrea (Premier) – A report by an anti-persecution charity has said 1 in 12 people in Eritrea, many of them Christian, have now fled the East African state.

Release International’s report describes Eritrea as ‘one of the world’s fastest emptying nations’ and the ‘North Korea of Africa’, with many of the 40,000 who fled to Italy last year being Christians.

For the past 13 years the government has been persecuting believers there and all evangelical and independent churches have been closed.

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