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ICC Note: Rome’s Trevi fountain flowed red this weekend in memory of the persecuted Christian communities across the world. Friends and families of Christian martyrs shared testimonies and pleas on behalf of their communities. Cardinal Mauro Piacenza spoke at the fountain, reminding listeners that silence in the midst of evil is sin. Testimonies were concentrated on the Middle East genocide, as well as other areas of persecution including Nigeria and North Korea.

05/02/2016 Italy (Catholic News Agency): Illuminated by the red light that spilled across Rome’s Trevi fountain, voices from persecuted Christian communities across the world shared the stories of friends and loved ones killed for the faith, and urged the world to take greater action in putting the violence to an end.

“Let us remember, tonight, the blood of the Christian martyrs, spilled by the violence of men and the sin of the world,” Cardinal Mauro Piacenza said April 29.

Quoting Pope Francis, he stressed that when confronted with the situation, “silence and secrecy are also sins.”

He expressed his belief that the Christian martyrs of today are exercising “a real and vicarious atonement, through Christ, with Christ and in Christ, in favor of all men.”

“This is why, while we shake around them, crying with their families for their violent death, we raise to God a hymn of praise for these brothers who have entered into the glory of Paradise, with the palm of martyrdom in their hands and girded with a crown of glory.”

Cardinal Piacenza, head of the Apostolic Penitentiary and international president of Aid the Church in Need, spoke against the backdrop of Rome’s famous Trevi fountain – which was colored red in recognition of all the Christians around the world who daily continue to give their lives for the faith.

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