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ICC Note: Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari calls on security forces in the country to prevent future radical Fulani herder attacks and to pursue those responsible for mass killings. Extremist Muslim Fulani cattle herders continue to ravage Christian farming communities from northern Nigeria across the “Middle-Belt” region and now into the Southeast. Attackers murdered at least 45 people Monday morning in villages in Enugu State, burning homes and destroying property. Some sources say the death toll tops 100, but the actual total remains unconfirmed. The mainstream media and government persistently characterize the issue improperly, citing cattle theft and historical tribal tensions as the primary drivers for these assault, while almost completely ignoring the religious and persecution-related elements.

4/28/16 Enugu State, Nigeria (BBC) – Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered the security forces to crack down on cattle raiders accused of killing hundreds of people this year.

Soldiers and police would “go after the groups terrorising innocent people all over the country”, he said.

The raids are seen as the biggest security threat facing Nigeria after the Islamist-led insurgency.

Nomadic herders from the Fulani ethnic group and farming communities often clash for control of land and water.

The announcement comes after national outrage over the killing of at least 20 people on Monday in a raid on the Ukpabi Nimbo community in south-eastern Enugu State.

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