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ICC Note:

Following the Easter bombing in Lahore, Pakistan, the European Parliament adopted an “Urgency Resolution on Pakistan” calling on the country to better protect its persecuted Christian community. The EU body went further to call on Pakistan to tackle the root causes of terrorism and extremism in the country and find ways to better include Christians. With this positive development, will Pakistan take heed of the European Parliament’s recommendations? 

4/27/2016 Pakistan (One News Now) – An international Christian legal organization is applauding the European Parliament for speaking out on the violence against Christians in the Taliban’s Easter attack in Pakistan.

Earlier this month the European Parliament adopted an “Urgency Resolution on Pakistan” condemning the terrorist bombings in Lahore that killed 73 people and injured more than 300. Sophia Kuby, director of EU advocacy for ADF International, was very encouraged with the clear tone of the statement.

“They were quite courageous to explicitly speak about the Christians who were targeted,” she tells One News Now, “and a lot of important points are actually mentioned – such as tackling the root causes of these attacks on freedom of religion and belief, of clearly pointing to the problems of the social exclusion, to extremism against Christians and other minorities …

“In my view, that is really good progress from the side of the European Parliament to speak so clearly.”

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