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ICC Note: Reports say the Sudanese military has killed more than 500 civilians in the past month from bombing raids in the Nuba Mountains. The region remains all-to-forgotten while Darfur grabs headlines for the continuous atrocities government sponsored actors are perpetrating there. However, the Nuba Mountains region is no less bloody and no more peaceful than Darfur. In the name of fighting separatist rebels, Sudan bombards the area that’s located in the southern part of Sudan where the indigenous community is mostly Christian. Sudan is waging war against the Church, rounding up pastors for arbitrary arrest, beating congregants, intimidating church leaders, and destroying church buildings in their quest to fully Islamize the country.

4/25/16 Nuba Mountains, Sudan (AllAfrica) – The government forces and allied militias have reportedly killed 541 civilians, including 13 children, and burned 25 villages in the Nuba Mountains during March and April this year.

The Nuba Mountains Observatory for Human Rights announced that the Sudanese Air Force Antonovs dropped 563 bombs between 25 March and 12 April, along with indiscriminate shelling on Heiban and Um Dorein, and missiles from fighter jets.

Sayed Sanhoury, the Chairman of the Observatory reported that the government forces have carried out a widespread campaign of arrests during the period between 25 March and 5 April.

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