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ICC NOTE: Taiwan’s legislative body voted unanimously on a motion challenging the Taiwanese government to condemn China’s persecution of human rights activists and religious citizens. China and Taiwan have a shaky relationship due to both sides laying differing claims to sovereignty. China considers Taiwan (Taipei) to be a part of mainland China and thus should be governed by the communist regime. Taiwan considers itself to be the legitimate republic of China stemming from Mao’s revolution in the mid 20th century. As China continues to persecute its Christian and Uyghur population, more pressure from the international community and other religious and human rights organization will hopefully compel the nation to take a hard look at its record. 

04/13/2016 Taiwan (China Aid) – Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan unanimously adopted an Extemporaneous Motion at 5 p.m. today that challenged the Taiwanese government to address human rights in China.

The Extemporaneous Motion on human rights in China condemns the Chinese government’s persecution of human rights lawyers, activists and religious citizens and urges Taiwan to discuss these issues with Chinese authorities. Legislator Mei-Nu Yu presented the decision, sponsored by 31 Members of the Legislative Yuan, which also included the support 30 international human rights organizations, including China Aid, among other non-governmental organizations.

A translation of the Extemporaneous Motion on human rights in China can be read in full below.

China Aid supports initiatives, such as the Legislative Yuan’s adoption of the Extemporaneous Motion, in order to promote human rights, religious freedom, and rule of law in China.

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