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ICC Note: Egypt’s premier Salafi, or muslim fundamentalist, has been videotaped inciting violence and hate crimes against Egypt’s minority christian population. Referring to the coptic community as brothers in a nation but yet infidels “on their way to hell,” the leader’s provocation is feared to bring more persecution on the already suffering minority group. The wording used in the video, as explained by Egyptian talk show host Yusif al-Hussayni, is exactly the sentiments used when encouraging violent jihad.

04/12/2016 Egypt (Coptic Solidarity) – Dr. Yassir al-Burhami, Egypt’s premiere Salafi, was once again videotaped inciting hate for and violence against the nation’s Christians, the Copts—including by descrying giving them their full human and civil rights: “When you cooperate with a criminal, aggressive, oppressive, infidel minority, you attack the rights of the majority [Muslims].”

He went on to concede (sarcastically) that the Copts were “brothers”—but only in the context of the nation, not in the much more important context of religion, or “reality”:

We call them “our Christian brothers, the infidels.” And I use the word “brother” in its common usage: we say, yes, they are our brothers in the nation, but they are infidels who are on their way to hell … and we advise them to break away from the authority of the tyrannical [taghut] Church.

Discussing this video, Egyptian talk show host Yusif al-Hussayni made several important points, including that “among these Islamic groups, use of the word taghut is synonymous with ‘go and kill!’ That’s how Anwar Sadat was killed—he was first described as a taghut. So when Burhami describes the leaders of the church as taghut, this is the same as if he were to incite against and kill them.”

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