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A bishop in Bangladesh has called on the country’s Muslim population to respect other religions and to build peace between different religious communities in the South Asian nation. Christians and other religious minorities in Bangladesh have come under recent assault from Islamic extremists, some claiming to be affiliated with ISIS. Recently, a Christian convert from Islam was murdered in northern Bangladesh for which ISIS took credit. Will Bangladesh’s Muslim population hear the bishop’s call to peace or will the country continue to be marred by religious intolerance? 

4/12/2016 Bangladesh (UCAN) – Amid increasing violence against Christians in Bangladesh, a bishop called on Muslims to “respect others’ religious teachings in order to build a world free from conflict.”

Bishop Gervas Rozario made his remarks during an April 4 gathering of 50 Muslim and Christian leaders at the Islamic Foundation Bangladesh, an organization overseen by the government’s Ministry of Religious Affairs, reported

“Harmony and coexistence between religions are the prerequisites of social justice, peace and tranquility,” he said. “Let us build a society where people of all faiths and cultures can live in complete security and great human dignity.”

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