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Christian and Muslim leaders gathered together at an interfaith vigil remembering those lost in the Easter bombing at a public part over one week ago. As a result of the attack, 76 people were killed and another 340 were injured. The terrorist group that took responsibility for the attack claimed that Christians were the target, but mostly Muslims were killed. With this sign of solidarity, will both Pakistan’s Christian and Muslim communities stand up together against terrorism and extremism in Pakistan?

4/5/2016 Pakistan (Asia News) – Muslim and Catholic religious leaders, came together to lead an interfaith vigil in memory of the 76 victims of the Easter attack. Hafiz Muhammad Nauman of the World Council of Religions told gathering of nuns and Christian activists this weekend (April 2) that “we always blame each her every time terror strikes the nation.  Every Muslim who joins a terror group does not belong to our religion anymore. Terrorists are our common enemy; their religion is terrorism, not Islam. When they kill, they don’t draw a line between Christian and Muslim victims”.

Nauman was among several clerics who addressed the Interfaith Memorial Service at Dominican Peace Center in Lahore. The speakers paid tribute to the victims of the March 27 suicide bombing that targeted Christians gathered for Easter in Lahore.

Psalms of sadness punctuated the program that started with recitation of Bible and Koran and concluded with lighting of candles in the memory of bomb victims.

A Muslim professor blamed ignorance and illiteracy for infecting young minds with fanaticism. “We have nothing to say but broken words. If you can’t make this world heaven, there is no other. Religion is meant to be acted upon, not used for killing people. Jesus is the Prince of Peace and Islam also teaches brotherhood”, he said.

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