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Christians in Nepal has threatened the government with stern protests if the government doesn’t recognize Christmas as a public holiday. Recently, Nepal passed a new constitution that declared the country as a secular state. Many Hindu hard-liners were enraged by this announcement and in response bombed two churches in eastern Nepal. Christians in Nepal face intense discrimination from Hindu hard-liners attempting to convert the secular state back to a Hindu kingdom. 

4/4/2016 Nepal (Kathmandu Post) – The Christian community in the country has warned of stern protests if the government ignores their demand to recognize Christmas as a public holiday.

Federation of National Christian, Nepal (FNCN), in a statement on Sunday, objected the government’s decision to give Christmas leave only to those officials who were Christians.

The government, from this year, decided to limit the leave to Christian staff. Before that, Christmas was a public holiday for everyone for the past eight years. The newly promulgated constitution also states the country as secular.

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