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ICC News: Chinese Catholics in Henan Province are protesting the Huangchuan County government asking for the return of age-old church property that had been confiscated under the Communist revolution during the 60s and 70s. The church also claims one of their nuns was beaten. In China, despite the law dating back to the 1980s requiring the return of such church property, property owners remain hesitant to do so because of rocketing property values.

3/25/16 Huangchuan, China (UCA News) – About 300 Chinese Catholics in the Xinyang Diocese in central Henan province marched to the Huangchuan county government office on March 21 demanding the return of a church property and protesting the alleged beating of a nun.

Father Joseph Lu, one of two priests to lead the protest, said the church compound was confiscated during the Cultural Revolution, which lasted from 1966-1976. The government compensated the church for some of the property in the 1980s, he said.

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