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 ICC Note: Patience Paul is a 14-year old Nigerian girl from a Christian family who has recently returned to her parents following her rescue from Muslim kidnappers who subjected her to forced conversion, forced marriage, and sexual slavery. The case represents a hot-button issue for debate in Nigeria as to whether examples such as this describe actual abduction, or elopement. ICC condemns this practice as manipulative and coercive as it takes advantage of a young girl’s innocence and naivety. Sadly cases like Patience’s happen too often in the Muslim world where radicals often seek to persecute Christians by such practices so they can break up Christian families, take sexual advantage of minors, and raise children for Islam, all while creating countless female victims often bound to lifetimes of servitude.

By Samuel Smith

3/21/16 Nigeria (Christian Post) – A Christian schoolgirl who was kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery by her Muslim captors in Nigeria has opened up about the terror she endured over the last seven months.

Patience Paul, a 14-year-old Christian girl who went missing on Aug. 12, 2015, in Nigeria’s Sokoto state and was rescued by police on March 4, spoke of her ordeal in conversations with reporters.

Paul, who was forced to convert to Islam when she was held hostage, told the the Nigerian newspaper Leadership that she was lured by two of her neighbors, Rashida and Sani, who encouraged her to pack up her belongings and follow them to a number of locations before she was placed in a house in Gangare Kupah.

“I was sent to buy biscuits and on my way I saw him (the abductor) and he persuaded me to come to his bungalow,” Paul said, according to

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