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ICC Note: In another great failure by a fearful and boneless administration, the State Department announced that John Kerry would NOT meet his March 17 deadline on labeling the ISIS and jihadist actions towards Christians and religious minorities in the Middle East as “genocide.”  ICC’s Regional Manager for the Middle East is releasing an article on March 17, the deadline, to outline the actual reasons why leaders fear the label – even with overwhelming mounds of evidence that support a finding of “genocide” especially against Christians, Yazidis, and other religious minorities in the Middle East.  Once again, the Obama Administration has proven that “never again” means “never again, unless Christians are involved.”  Follow ICC’s updates as we trace the persecution of Christians by radical Islamic groups and note the simplicity in reaching the finding of a genocide label, as well as the importance in declaring such a finding. 

3/16/2016 Washington, D.C. (ABC News) – Secretary of State John Kerry will miss this week’s congressional deadline for deciding whether atrocities by the Islamic State against Christians and other minorities in Iraq and Syria should be designated genocide, the State Department said Wednesday.

Department spokesman Mark Toner said Kerry is taking a “measured” approach and while his decision will come “soon” it will not meet Thursday’s deadline. Other officials said they expected the determination could be made next week.

“He recognizes the seriousness of the atrocities committed by this terrorist group as well as the importance of this issue to its victims and survivors,” Toner told reporters. “Given the scope and the breadth of the analysis he’s contemplating, he will not have a final decision completed by the congressionally-mandated deadline tomorrow. However, this issue is clearly of the utmost importance to him as well as Congress, and we expect him to reach a decision very soon.”

Congress had set a March 17 deadline for the determination. Earlier this week, the House passed a non-binding resolution by a vote of 393-0 condemning Islamic State group actions as genocide.

Reaction to the delay from lawmakers was swift.

“This is heartbreaking. There has been ample time for analysis. The evidence of ISIS genocide against Christians, Yezidis, and others is horrifyingly clear,” said Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, the Nebraska Republican who authored the bill. “I cannot understand the hesitation by the State Department.”

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