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ICC Note: Female suicide bombers strike again in northeast Nigeria, this time, blowing up a mosques, killing 22 people in Maiduguri. The militant Islamist insurgency Boko Haram has employed teenage girls as suicide attackers, brainwashed or coerced to kill in the group’s bloody quest to establish an Islamic caliphate in West Africa. Whenever these assaults occur, the tragedy reminds us of the more than 200 mostly Christian girls from Chibok, Nigeria who remain missing after Boko Haram gunmen abducted them in April 2014. The girls’ whereabouts are unknown, but many have feared they may have been forced to become suicide bombers, themselves.

3/16/16 Maiduguri, Nigeria (BBC) – Two female suicide bombers have attacked a mosque in the north-eastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri, killing 22 worshippers, the army says.

The first bomber struck inside the mosque, while the second blew herself up outside as survivors tried to flee, eye witnesses told the BBC.

Eighteen other people were wounded in the attack, the army added.

Maiduguri is the birthplace of Islamist group Boko Haram’s insurgency which has killed 20,000 people since 2009.

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