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ICC Note: In a new desperate move to forcibly prove its religious indoctrination is the “truth,” ISIS militants in Iraq have burned thousands of textbooks and educational resources pointing to the factual history of Christianity.  Believers who stand firm in their faith generally don’t feel the need to burn the religious texts of other religions out of fear.  ISIS’s move to destroy educational textbooks relating to early Christians in the Middle East is, yet, another example of the threat Christianity poses to ISIS in the areas they are attempting to violently indoctrinate. 

3/14/2016 Middle East (The Gospel Herald-World) – A disturbing new video has emerged showing Islamic State militants burning Christian textbooks in an attempt to erase all traces of religions other than Islam from the ancient city of Mosul, Iraq – a region thousands of Christians once called home.

According to a report from the Kurdish media outlet ARA News, the terror group published a video through the affiliated Amaq news agency last week.

The video, titled “Diwan of education destroys Christian instruction books in Mosul,” shows IS militants tossing hundreds of Christian textbooks, many of them emblazoned with crosses, into a large bonfire. A local activist, Abdullah al-Mulla, told ARA News the books had been collected from the many Christian schools and churches throughout the once thriving city. “ISIS jihadis burned hundreds of Christian textbooks in central Mosul,” al-Mulla said. “The militants have also collected a lot of Christian textbooks from the Dawassa district near Martyr’s’ Park and publicly burned then,” he added.

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