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ICC Note: (ICC’s Algeria Correspondent) Moroccan authorities found weapons and ammunition in the possession of 3 people who pledged allegiance to ISIS leaders in Libya and Syria.  They were planning to carry out a series of attacks within the country but were stopped before any lives were taken. Last month, Algerian authorities caught almost 200 Moroccan citizens leaving the country and attempting to join ISIS in Libya.  Algeria – situated between Libya and Morocco – has grown increasingly concerned with ISIS strongholds in Libya having recently passed Constitutional Amendments to respect the rights of minorities (namely the Berber Christian communities) throughout the country in efforts to enhance tolerance in North Africa.  

3/11/2016 Morocco (Metro News) – (trans. to English)  A terrorist cell linked to the Islamic State group was dismantled Friday to [sic] Morocco, said the Moroccan Minister of Interior. Three people, two men and a woman, “preparing to commit attacks in the kingdom” were arrested. They were at “an advanced stage in the preparation of attacks,” said the Central Bureau of Investigation (BCIJ) while ammunition and weapons were found.  These suspects were active in the cities of Fez, Casablanca and Ouled Tayma, the village where live near Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the sponsor of the attacks of 13 November.

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