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ICC NOTE: For a man who faces 24 hour surveillance in his own home by the government, the state of another imprisoned individual would be the farthest from his mind. However, lead pastor of Shouwang Church in Beijing wrote a letter of prayer for Zhang Kai, a prominent human rights lawyer under detention himself. Zhang Kai, was arrested in August of 2015 and was formally charged February 26 for endangering state security because he represented the cases of more than 100 churches Wenzhou facing the demolition of crosses. It shows a strong faith by pastor Jin Tianming to take the time and think of someone else who faces a similar situation much like his own as they both languish in what are considered “black jails”. 

3/8/2016 Beijing, China (China Aid) – The lead pastor of Shouwang Church in Beijing, who is currently under house arrest, released a letter of prayer on March 1 for Zhang Kai, a prominent human rights lawyer currently under criminal detention.

Pastor Jin Tianming has been supervised by three shifts of police, 24 hours a day, for the last four years, after his church as long been persecuted by authorities. Despite his lack of personal freedom, Jin has remained active in Christian groups both in China and abroad. His letter urges Christians to pray that “the Lord [brings Zhang Kai] back to his family and back among us.” The full translation can be found below.

Zhang, who was taken into police custody in August 2015, was officially criminally detained on Feb. 26, following a six-month period under “residential surveillance in a designated location,” the Chinese government’s official name for a “black jail.” Zhang is charged with “endangering state security” and “gathering a crowd to disturb public order” after he represented the cases of more than 100 churches in Wenzhou facing demolition of their crosses.

China Aid reports on the situations of dissidents such as Jin and Zhang in order to promote religious freedom and rule of law throughout China. Those wishing to get involved can join the Free Zhang Kai campaign to help raise awareness of his plight.

Pray for Our Brother Zhang Kai

Pastor Tianming

Over the past six months, we have been praying for our Christian brother, lawyer Zhang Kai, who was put under residential surveillance in a designated location for helping churches in Wenzhou fight for their legal rights during the events of the cross demolitions. Unexpectedly, after six months, what we received after this long wait turned out to be a report by Wenzhou official media about the “Zhang Kai case,” followed by news that Zhang Kai had been criminally detained. Our feelings in this matter became heavy and complicated.

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