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Christians in India gathered together today in the Tirunelveli District to condemn increased attacks on Christian involved in evangelism. India’s constitution guarantees full religious freedom, which means citizens of India can freely believe, practice, and propagate the religion of their choice. Unfortunately, this constitutional ideal does not represent the reality on the ground for Christians in India. Many Christians involved in evangelism accept that they will likely be beaten or attacks several times during their ministry. Most of these beatings and attacks are metered out by extreme Hindu nationalist groups openly operating across India. 

2/24/2016 India (The Hindu) – Members of Tirunelveli District Pentecostal Churches Federation organized a gathering at Jawahar Grounds in Palayamkottai on Tuesday to condemn the “steadily increasing attacks on Christians” involved in evangelism, and urge the State and the Central governments to act tough against the attackers.

The protestors said that Christians, who had never involved themselves in any antisocial and anti-national activities in any part of the country, were being targeted by Hindutva fundamentalists in a bid to discourage them from preaching Christianity though it had been allowed in the country as per the Constitution. The recent attacks on Christians, especially on evangelists, prayer halls, churches and houses where Christians used to gather for prayers, as per a 2000-year-old tradition, had shattered the firm belief that they were living in a democratic and secular nation.

“Though we’re being targeted, we’ve never retaliated and done anything that would undermine the tranquility of society as Christianity is all about love, compassion and brotherhood. Without breaching the limits and encroaching upon others’ religious rights, we’re following and practicing our religion. However, heads of a few Hindutva outfits are encouraging their cadres to orchestrate attacks against us,” said R. Babu Paul Dinakaran, district secretary of the Federation.

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