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ICC Note:

Sources have reported another Christian woman, named Nabila Bibi, was kidnapped, forcefully converted to Islam, and forced to marry a Muslim man in Pakistan. Forced conversions, especially that of women from minority communities, continues to be a major issue faced by Pakistani Christians. An estimated 1,000 women from minority communities, especially Christian and Hindu communities, fall victim to this crime every year in Pakistan. Will Pakistan’s government ever step in and put an end to the horrific trend? 

2/23/2016 Pakistan (Eurasia News) – Another Christian woman was kidnapped, converted to Islam and forced to marry a Muslim man in Pakistan, reported Fides, information service of the Mission Societies

The family of Nabila Bibi was first rebuffed by police when they tried to file a complaint. With the help of the nonprofit legal assistance organization, LEAD, their complaint was received on Feb. 17, Fides said.

The women’s father said he had received intimidation and death threats from her alleged kidnappers that if his daughter “converted [reconverted] to Christianity,” she would be considered an “apostate.”

“Threats to the families of origin is a routine in these cases,” said Sardar Mushtaq Gill, the family’s attorney.

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