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According to reports, a Christian man in Pakistan faced torture from his Muslim co-workers who were attempting to convert the Christian, by force, to Islam. Things got so bad that at one point the Muslim co-workers threatened to accused the Christian of blasphemy if he did not convert. In Pakistan, religious minorities accused of blasphemy often face mob violence. In some extreme cases, the accused have been brutally murdered by the mob. Christians, especially women and girls, face the issue of forced conversion to Islam on a daily bases. According to local NGOs, as many as 1,000 Christian and Hindu women are abducted, forcefully married, and forcefully converted to Islam each year in Pakistan. 

2/9/2016 Pakistan (CBN) – Pakistani man refuses to renounce Christ despite being tortured by Muslim co-workers who tried to convert him to Islam.

Patras Hanif, a construction worker and father of five, was targeted because of his Christian faith. His co-workers tried to pressure him into converting, even threatening false blasphemy charges.

“They very often called me ‘kafir’, which means unfaithful, and they threatened me that they would resort to false accusations of blasphemy if I refused to convert to Islam,” Hanif told Fides News Agency. “A blasphemy charge in Pakistan is very serious and usually results in the death penalty.”

Hanif refused to renounce his faith and his relentless abuse led him to turn to Christian lawyer Sardar Mushtaq Gill, national director of Legal Evangelical Association Development (LEAD). The organization defends the rights of religious minorities in Pakistan.

Gill, a seasoned defender of persecuted Pakistani Christians, told the Christian Post that Islamic extremism is driving non-Muslims out of Pakistan.

“This extremism is the cause of the exodus of religious minorities in Pakistan. Political leaders and Muslim religious leaders should publicly discourage these attitudes and start a more ambitious program of religious harmony, recalling that all citizens have equal rights and dignity,” Gill said.

Gill also said that Hanif’s experience is not uncommon.

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