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ICC NOTE: A Chinese pastor was released over the weekend after spending more than five months in a black jail which places the prisoner under 24 hour surveillance with no contact from the outside world. Pastor Huang Yizi was detained on September 12 for “spying and selling state secrets” among other things. It is a praise to here a fellow brother in Christ has gained his freedom, but it reminds us of the many other church leaders who remain in black jails and prisons with little hope of release. ICC will continue to update on pastor Yizi’s situation as the news comes in. 

2/8/2016 Zhejiang, China (China Aid) – China Aid received confirmation today that authorities have released a church pastor in China’s coastal Zhejiang, detained since Sept. 12 in a black jail.

Pastor Huang Yizi was accused of “stealing, spying on, buying or illegally providing state secrets for institutions and people outside the country.” During his detention, authorities did not allow him to meet with lawyers or speak with his family.

China Aid will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

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