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A Christian girl in Pakistan has reportedly been killed by a group of Muslim men after she refused their sexual advances. As a group of Christian girls walked home, a group of four Muslim men in a car confronted them and made lewd suggestions to the girls. When the girls refused their advances, the Muslims became enraged and hit the group of Christians with the car. One of the Christians was killed and the two others were severely injured. In Pakistan, Christians are considered second class citizens by the Muslim majority. 

1/25/2016 Pakistan (Brietbart) – Four rich Pakistani Muslim men allegedly killed a Christian girl after she shrugged off their sexual advances.

The British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) reported Christian girls Kiran, 17; Shamroza, 18; and Sumble, 20, were walking home when four men confronted them in a maroon car. The men supposedly spewed “lewd comments” and pressured the ladies to jump in the car.

The women told them they do not believe in sex before marriage and then “scolded the young men” for their advances. This upset the men, especially when the girls walked away.

“How dare you run away from us?” one Muslim man allegedly yelled. “Christian girls are only meant for one thing. The pleasure of Muslim men.”

The men then ran their car into the girls:

The impact on Shamroza and Sumble threw them to the sides of the vehicles and sharply to the ground. The result of crashing into the hard street surface caused Shamroza to break several ribs and Sumble broke her hip. Kiran was even more unfortunate as the impact of the car lifted her off the ground and on to the bonnet of the car, where she thumped the windscreen. The young men continued to laugh in their drunken stupour and increased their speed, finally braking when they could see another car before them.

The momentum of the emergency stop threw Kiran up into the air and rapidly onto the floor where she cracked her head open and smashed numerous bones, the resulting internal bleeding killed her within minutes.

The families claim the police forced them to pay a bribe to file a report. They demand justice, but since the men possess wealth, they doubt they will receive it.

Violence against Christians in Pakistan is pervasive. In October, three Muslim men broke into a deaf woman’s house and raped her while the men in her family worked.

Another Muslim family beat an eight-year-old Christian girl and left her naked in the street because her uncle courted a girl in their family. They decided to dishonor his niece as payback since the uncle allegedly dishonored their family member.

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