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ICC Note: Military officials in Nigeria divulge a new deadly tactic Boko Haram is employing to inflict maximum casualties during attacks: hiding improvised explosive devices (IEDs) under vendor carts at the market. In a statement released to the public, Defence Ministry spokesman Rabe Abubakar told Nigerians to remain vigilant to watch out for suspicious activity. He instructed that the government has learned that Boko Haram fighters are disguising themselves as vendors in the marketplace and hiding explosives beneath fruit and vegetable carts in crowded markets. Boko Haram continues to evolve their guerrilla tactics to become increasingly deadly as they particularly target civilian populations. The militants continue to wage a bloody insurgency where they have murdered, raped, and pillaged their way to infamy in West Africa, especially targeting Christians with atrocities. 

By Nicholas Ibekwe

1/15/16 Nigeria (AllAfrica) – The Nigerian military has warned the public of a new tactic in use by the extremist Boko Haram sect to move Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) around in order to unleash deadly attacks on the public.

A statement by the acting director, defence information, Rabe Abubakar, said the military found that members of the terrorist group now disguise as legitimate fruit and vegetable sellers to smuggle IEDs within groceries to crowded areas.

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