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ICC NOTE: Korean-Canadian pastor Hyeon-Soo Lim has been incarcerated in North Korea since February of 2015 when he originally went missing from his humanitarian mission. Pastor Lim is the shepherd of the largest Korean church in Toronto Canada who sponsors a nursery, orphanage, and nursing home in the hermit kingdom. Since the end of 2015, Pastor Lim has been spending his prison time for “attempting to overthrow the state” in a labor camp digging holes eight hours a day for six days. As a man in his 60’s and according to his church someone who suffers from high blood pressure, it is a testament to God’s power he is surviving both the strain of his labor, but also the frigid temperatures and poor human rights conditions of North Korea. He continues to remain faithful as he prays daily and has continued to request a Bible even though the chance of him receiving one is nearly impossible. Please continue to pray for pastor Hyeon-Soo Lim for good health, strong faith, and his eventual release. 

1/12/2016 North Korea (CBN News) – A Canadian pastor serving a life sentence in North Korea for subversion told CNN he spends eight hours a day digging holes at a labor camp where he has not seen any other prisoners.

Hyeon Soo Lim, a South Korean-born Canadian who was the head pastor at one of Canada’s largest churches, has been held by the North since February.

Lim, who is in his 60s, was sentenced to hard labor for life in December, accused of attempting to overthrow the North Korean government.

In North Korea simply leaving a Bible in a public place can lead to arrest and severe punishment. The country has strict rules against missionary and religious activities that could be seen as threatening to the supremacy of the regime.

Interviewed by CNN at a Pyongyang hotel, Lim said he digs holes six days a week in an orchard at a labour camp where he has seen no other prisoners.

He works eight hours a day, six days a week and has no contact with the outside world.

Lim said he gets three meals a day and regular medical attention. His church has said Lim suffers from “…very high blood pressure.”

He said he is desperate to hear from his family and has also requested a Bible.

“I hope I can go home some day,” he told CNN. “Nobody knows if I will ever go home, but that is my hope. I miss my family. I am longing to see them again, and my congregation.”

Lim had visited North Korea more than 100 times since 1997 and helped start an orphanage and a nursing home.

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