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ICC NOTE: In a time where the Christian faith is put to the test and seems to be nothing but negativity in the news, the story of State trooper Toddy Durnil and Rodney Gibson emerges. Their story shows how in any situation, prayer is a powerful tool and one which can both heal the heart and the spirit. Rather than giving Rodney Gibson a speeding ticket, Sgt. Durnil prayed for the driver as he was visibly shaken over receiving the news his daughter was given word she had only a few months to live after being diagnosed with breast cancer. God present’s situations to people in various forms and it is up to us as children of God to express His love towards others. Pray for both Sgt. Durnil and Mr. Gibson and their families during this new year. 

1/11/2016 Indiana, USA (CBN News) – An Indiana State police officer did something out of the ordinary last week: instead of giving the driver of a speeding semi a ticket, he prayed for him.

Indiana State Police Sgt. Toddy Durnil told ABC News that when he pulled Rodney Gibson over he appeared to be very upset and angry” — not about the traffic stop, but rather about “something else going on.”

Gibson had just heard the news that his daughter, who was battling breast cancer, may only have a couple of months to live. Gibson did not realize that he was speeding down the highway.

Durnil explained that during the stop he struggled to “figure out a way to get through to” Gibson but then he  saw an angel pin on Gibson’s sun visor, identical to one that he had.

The pin was from Gibson’s daughter whose cancer had metastasized after a six year battle.

Durnil recalled that his first thoughts were that Gibson needed prayer and that he would have his family and church pray for him. He also decided that he was not going to give him a ticket or even a warning.

Gibson apologized and said, ‘I’m sorry, I usually don’t act this way, I’ve just been going through a lot.'”

Durnil then asked Gibson if there was anything else if he could do for him and Gibson told him, “Do you know how to pray?”

“Powerful thought. It was the Lord telling me this wasn’t directed at you. There was something else. There’s something going on in this man’s life and I need you to do something here,” the trooper told ABC affiliate WTKR.

Durnil knelt down, took Gibson’s hand and prayed. Both the men had tears in their eyes, Durnil said.

The following morning, Gibson thanked Durnil for his kindness.

“I hope everyone that hears about this is one more person that can pray for him and his family,” Durnil said.

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