Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note: 2015 was a year marked by horrific persecution, especially in Africa. The following Morning Star News report details top persecution stories of the year, many of which happened in Africa. Notable stories include the April 2 al-Shabaab attack on Garissa University in Kenya where militants separated Christians and Muslims, killing 148 people, mostly Christians. Also, Nigeria, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Eritrea recorded terrible persecution waged by the Islamic State, radical Fulani herdsmen, and extremist Muslims in Eastern Uganda.

1/9/16 Africa (Morning Star News) – Islamic extremist violence in countries not known for religious tensions, majority-Christian Kenya and Uganda, topped Morning Star News’ stories in 2015. While the Islamic State terrorized Christians in Syria, Iraq and Libya, and Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria killed innocent civilians in the shadow of Boko Haram, in northeast Kenya Al Shabaab militants massacred Christian college students and others on a scale that few expected. At the same time, Morning Star News uncovered incessant attacks on Christians by ordinary Muslims in remote pockets of eastern Uganda, with some aid agencies verifying the reports as they considered assisting survivors.

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