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ICC Note: Despite the changes implemented by President Sisi blasphemy remains a critical problem especially for Egyptian Christians. Even something as innocent as sharing a video of Islamic scholars debating ideas of Islamic interpretation can turn into a prison term for Egyptian Christians. There is a crucial need for reform of these laws to prevent continued abuse.

12/30/2016 Egypt (TribLive) Like millions of people around the world each day, Michael Mou­nier Bishai shared an Internet video last spring.

He never could have imagined the reaction.

The video — of a TV host and an Islamic scholar debating whether Islamic law allows an adult male to breast-feed — was posted on Facebook, along with a derisive comment about the program. Bishai, 26, shared both on the social media site.

His lawyer, Samoeil Adly, won’t repeat the comment, for fear of being accused of blasphemy.

The TV-debate topic is “very controversial (in) Islamic jurisprudence, with some saying it is hallal” — allowed by Islam — “and some saying it is not,” according to Adly.

The attorney, based in this industrial city in the Nile River delta, handled three blasphemy cases this year; his clients live in neighboring provinces, where nervous lawyers refused to defend them.