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ICC Note: Throughout isolated pockets of Uganda where Islamic majorities predominate, converts to Christ often face the most difficult brands of persecution. The following Morning Star report tells of the murder of a Christian pastor in painful detail. Sadly, these stories are more regular around East Africa than we think where believers endure threats to their very lives because of their faith in Christ.

1/1/16 Uganda (Morning Star News) – (Morning Star News) – A pastor in eastern Uganda was hacked to death on Wednesday (Dec. 23) as he and other church members resisted an effort by Muslims to take over their land, area church leaders said.

In Nansololo village near Mazuba, in Namutumba District, Muslims erected a boundary fence with poles and barbed wire that included land of the Pentecostal Church Ministry (PCM), a church elder told Morning Star News. A church member who lives close to the church building telephoned pastor Bongo Martin, who immediately came to the site

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