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ICC Exclusive
Lingering Questions Follow an Escape from Syria

September 12, 2019:

A question mark follows Lina wherever she goes. She doesn’t know who kidnapped her husband the first time. She doesn’t know who threatened to kill her son.


‘Appeal to Heaven’ Flag at County Courthouse Removed Following Complaint from Atheist Activists

June 25, 2015:

ICC Note: A Christian flag, reading “An Appeal to Heaven,” has recently been removed from an Arkansas country courthouse following […]


Christian Campus Groups Stripped of Recognition for Requiring Christian Leaders Regain Rights

June 23, 2015:

ICC Note: In 2014, the evangelical group, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, lost official recognition at 23 campuses throughout California. The group […]


U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Arizona Law Forcing Church Signs to Be Displayed at Night

June 19, 2015:

ICC Note: The Supreme Court has reached a unanimous decision in favor of the Arizona church essentially forced to display […]


Florida Sheriff Under Fire from Atheist Activists for Speaking at Church in Uniform

June 18, 2015:

ICC Note: Sheriff Grady Judd of Florida’s Polk County is facing backlash for recently speaking at a church in uniform. […]


Resolution Reached in Case of Student Banned from Hosting Prayer Group During Free Period

June 10, 2015:

ICC Note: A resolution has been made in the case filed last year of a high school student forbidden from […]


Federal Judge Orders Expungement of Punishment Against Teen Who Shared Christ With Classmates

June 04, 2015:

ICC Note: In 2014, high school senior Michael Leal filed a lawsuit against his school after being suspended multiple times […]


Nevada School Apologizes for Banning Girl from Citing Bible Verse in Homework Assignment

June 03, 2015:

ICC Note: Nevada’s Somerset Academy has officially issued an apology after censoring a student for citing a Bible verse. The […]


Marine Court-Martialed for Refusing to Remove Bible Verse from Computer

June 02, 2015:

ICC Note: According to reports, Monifa Sterling of the U.S. Marines was court-martialed for refusing orders to remove a passage […]


Church-State Separation Group Pressures Public School to Cancel Field Trip to Creation Museum

June 01, 2015:

ICC Note: Students from Montana’s Lincoln Elementary School were unable to attend a field trip to the Glendive Dinosaur and […]