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ICC NOTE: The news of newly detained members of the Huoshi church in Guizhou province is yet another sad story for the congregation which has seen raids, fines, closure, and arrests in two months time. The Huoshi church was ordered by local authorities to cease all religious activity in November due to improper building permits. The church was fined daily for the property until they acquiesce to the order however, they defied the cease and desist which led to the raid, closure, and arrest of the pastor and other church members. The two arrested prior to Christmas is in addition to four others including the pastor who were taken into custody by state authorities. 

12/30/2015 Guiyang, Guizhou (China Aid) — China Aid learned that additional church members of the recently persecuted Huoshi Church in China’s inland Guizhou province are in detention as of Dec. 22.

Tu Yulei and one of his daughters were criminally detained in connection with the case of Yang Hua, Huoshi Church’s pastor. All three have been charged with leaking state secrets. Tu’s family hired lawyers for him and his daughter, but they were unable to meet and do not currently know where the detainees are being held.

China Aid works to expose abuses of the legal system and religious freedom, such as the charges faced by Tu, his daughter, and Yang.

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