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ICC Note: Within the past month, Sudanese authorities have arrested two Christian pastors and one discipleship leader. The following report from Morning Star News includes details about the mid-December arrest of Telahoon Nogosse Kassa, arbitrarily detained and held without communication except for one visit from his parents. Sudan represents one of Africa’s worst state persecutors of Christians, subjecting believers to church demolition, beatings, and regular arrests.

12/30/15 Khartoum, Sudan (Morning Star News) – The head of discipleship at a North Khartoum, Sudan church has been arrested, sources said.

Agents of Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) went to the home of Telahoon Nogose Kassa, 36, one night the second weekend of December and told him to report to their offices, the sources said. When he went to a NISS office the following day, they said, officials arrested him and took him to a detention center in Khartoum.

NISS officials gave no reasons for the arrest, though they questioned him for five consecutive days about his relationship with a foreign missionary who had attended a discipleship class, sources said. They believe he was targeted for his Christian activities and his opposition to government interference with his church, Khartoum Bahri Evangelical Church.

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