Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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Since the Hindu nationalist BJP took power in India in May 2014, Christians have faced rising persecution and intolerance. In one of the worst attack on Christians in India’s history, entire Christian communities in Odisha state were driven out by radical Hindus in 2008. To this day, many of the Christian victims of this incident remain displaced and without any form of justice. Will this trend continue until India becomes a nation where Christians are no longer welcome? 

12/22/2015 India (Christian Post) – Christians in India and other parts of Asia are being targeted for their faith and some are even forced to convert to Hinduism.

In August 2008, the Christian minority in Kandhamal, India was blamed for the death of a local Hindu leader, and violence had become widespread in the region. Kanaka Rekha Nayak’s family was among those affected by the incident, according to Crux.

Nayak’s family fled to a forest near Tiangia Budedipade, but the Hindu radical mob caught up with them after two days. After finding out that they were Baptist Christians, the attackers tied a bicycle chain around her husband Parikhit’s neck and dragged him to town before demanding that he renounce his faith and convert to Hinduism, the report details.

When Parikhit refused to do so, the mob beat him and cut him to pieces in front of his wife before setting him on fire. After that, they turned to Nayak intending to rape her, but she escaped once again to the forest and found her way to a relief camp called Raika.

Seven years later, the violence against Christians in India still continues. Indian website Speak Out Against Hate reports that this year alone, one violent incident occurs in the country every week, the report relays.

Meanwhile, Home Minister Rajnath Singh recently promised that he will not allow Christians in India to experience injustice. He said this in the wake of attacks on Christian establishments and churches happened before the Delhi Assembly polls, NDTV reports.

“I want to assure all Bishops and Cardinals that if you face any problem, contact me directly,” NDTV quotes Singh’s statement. “I will not allow any injustice to happen to you.”

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