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ICC Note: A court in Sudan has changed 25 Muslims with apostasy for believing that the Quran is the only authoritative Islamic source for religious truth. Sunni Muslims, who make up the majority of the population in Sudan also trust the Sunna and other Islamic texts. The case brings to light the extreme contradictions within the Sudanese state where religious freedom is protected by the constitution, but the president and the courts regularly oppress religious minorities. Throughout the Islamic world, similar apostasy laws exist as easy legal channels for Muslims in majority Islamic cultures to persecute Christians and other individuals. Muslims around the world abuse these laws to scapegoat people they don’t like or want to intimidate in countries like Sudan where apostasy laws are on the books.

12/12/15 Khartoum, Sudan (News24) – A Sudanese judge charged 25 Muslims with apostasy on Thursday after hearing investigators’ case against them, which could incur the death penalty if they are convicted.

The men are accused of taking the Qur’an as the sole source of religious legitimacy and rejecting other Islamic texts.

They allegedly belong to a group that adheres strictly to the Qur’an and rejects the authority of the sunnah, traditions attributed to the Muslim Prophet Mohammed.

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