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ICC Note: On December 7, 2015, more than 50 students gathered outside of Santa Rosa High School in support of math teacher Charles Zeissel. Reports indicate that Zeissel was confronted by school officials last week regarding concerns that he had spoken about his faith during class. Students, under the impression that Zeissel had been disciplined for his actions, gathered in protest; however, the superintendent has stated that Zeissel was not punished.

By Heather Clark

12/08/2015 United States (Christian News Network) – Dozens of students from a high school in California showed their support on Monday for a math teacher who was reportedly reprimanded for speaking about God in the classroom.

More than 50 students from Santa Rosa High School gathered outside the school yesterday chanting and holding signs in advocacy for algebra teacher Charles Zeissel.

“If speaking the word of God is wrong, then I don’t want to be right,” one sign read. “A good teacher is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the way for others,” another stated.

According to reports, officials approached Zeissel last week over concerns that he had been talking to students about God and reciting the Bible in class.

Santa Rosa ISD Superintendent Heriberto Villarreal told KGBT-TV that “board policy does not allow the promotion of religion during class time.”

Students thought that perhaps Zeissel had been disciplined for speaking about his Christian faith, or possibly even suspended or fired, but Villareal said that Zeissel was not punished.

“Zeissel! Zeissel!” students chanted as they faced traffic.

Zeissel arrived to teach class on Monday, meeting with parents and students before class.

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