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ICC Note: Mercy is a 22-year old women whose name testify’s to God’s work in her life. She can tell stories of unspeakable atrocities she witnessed in captivity under Boko Haram. World Watch’s Monitor’s report details murder, church destruction, and other horrifying details of what it’s like to be a prisoner of Boko Haram.

12/5/2015 Gwoza, Nigeria (World Watch Monitor) – Mercy, a 22-year-old woman from Borno State in north-east Nigeria, was abducted in June 2014 when Boko Haram overran the small town of Gwoza where she lived. She speaks here for the first time about her five weeks in captivity, where she was forced into a marriage, made to watch multiple killings and felt compelled to submit to her captors’ demands to follow Islam.

Mercy’s town of Gwoza sits at the foot of the Mandara mountain range on Nigeria’s eastern border with Cameroon. In 2009, Boko Haram started moving into the area and setting up camp in hills next to the village.

In June 2014, members of Boko Haram overran the town and declared it an Islamic caliphate. At least 100 people were killed in the attack.

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