Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note: Christians and the Yazidi minority are concerned about their long-term safety in Iraq. While the Kurds have largely been the most effective fighting force, it is not clear what the prospects would be for Christians and Yazidis in the Kurdistan region and surrounding areas of Northern Iraq.

12/01/2015 Iraq (Fox News) – Iraq’s beleaguered religious minorities know who their enemies are. It’s their “friends” they aren’t so sure about.

Christians and Yezidi, under constant siege from ISIS, accuse their erstwhile allies, the Kurds, of double-crossing them. With the U.S., Baghdad and the international community doing little to help them, the groups increasingly believe their only chance at surviving in their historic homeland is to stand up for themselves.

“No one is protecting the minorities, they are all only protecting their own interests,” a representative from the global advocacy group Stand with Assyria told

Iraq’s Yezidi and Christians have been under attack from ISIS since June 2014, with many of their villages within the Nineveh plains taken over by the black-clad jihadist army. Women from both groups have been sold into sexual slavery or buried in mass graves, while men have been summarily executed.

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